Francesco Partipilo

Francesco Partipilo was born in Bari in 1973. He approached the art world as a self-taught artist, coming to participate in exhibitions and competitions and achieving excellent results thanks to his great passion and his continuous research in the world of painting.
Partipilo’s works have been published and reported in variuous competitions and events suche as Terna 03,  Fabbrica del Vapore and the 4th district Awards of Bari. In 2008 at the Pro Loco of Gallarate he presented himself with his personal exhibition entitled “Experiments”: the following year at the Noicattaro Global Art (Bari) with “In disequilibrium I look for balance” curated by Giuseppe  Bellini and in 2011 at the international Center Study and Work of Milan with an exhibition entitled “Modern Tensions” curated by Marina.

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