Mariano Chelo

Mariano Chelo was born in Bosa, Sardinia, 27th May 1958.

Having started classical studies, he gives them up to follow his artistic inclinations obtaining a Diploma at the High School of Fine Arts in Cagliari.

He continues his studies in Florence, attending the school of Design ISIA and the Free European University of Macerata.

In 1969 he starts his painting production: his main subjects are landscapes, still life, human life in its more humble aspects.

Between 1981 and 1990 he temporarly abandones the painting activities to embrace photography and graphic design, collaborating with important advertising agencies.

A new approach caracterises his second painting production: he has developed a surrealistic, abstract and cubistic oriented language to express his new themes.

In 1991 he comes out pubblic with a personal exhibition in Bosa which will be the start of a rich and long period of personal and collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

In 2003 he founds MAP, “Movimenti Artistici Periferici”, an art gallery/workshop where he exhibits personal and other artirts’ works from all over the world.

Besides his paiting production, his work includes: art installations, “action paiting” performances and computerised art.

At the moment he lives and works in Bosa, Sardinia, very close to the sea.


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