Tony Foard

I have been a full time professional potter for almost forty years and a photographer for even longer.

My figures are hand built using a white clay with most of the final colour and decoration coming from smoke penetrating the surface in a controlled way. I also use small amounts of glaze and lustres. Each figure is fired in sections, often several times and assembled with pewter armbands and either coiled wire or silver collars of varying complexity. Sometimes I add silver leaf to the finished pieces. This is patinated with chemicals to compliment the smoked surface. Average height is 48 cm.
Influences come from many sources such as the work of Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt, and of course African women and fashion models swaying down the cat walk.

My pots are thrown and raku or smoke fired, sometimes a combination of both. The double walled pots are thrown in one piece, upside down then turned and burnished. The burnished surfaces are finished with beeswax.

I make to order so seldom have much stock but I do commissions and can email images of finished work for approval if required.

I have always been interested in photography and in recent years abstract images in particular. More of my photographs can be found on flickr

All images on this site were taken by me and are my copyright. Please respect that.

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