Art is addictive, don’t quit!

They will go out of their way to prove that art is useless and difficult and that there are more important things we should focus on in times like these, as stated by a famous Italian politician a while ago.

Don’t listen! Stand in front of a painting by Mirò with no fear. Look at it, just like someone who can admire the beauty of a flower despite having never studied botany.
Let yourself get carried away without wondering why, without saying that you can’t get it.

Tony Foard

Ottone Rosai

Antonio Bueno

Giuseppe Migneco

Juan Jesus Garcia Lopez

Walter Lazzaro

Lucio Fontana

Silvano D’Orsi


Davide Nunziante

Antonio Nunziante

Xavier Bueno

Mark Kostabi

Enzo Fabbiano

Ugo Attardi

Francesco Partipilo

Mario Tozzi

Roberto Guadalupi

Salvatore Fiume

Aligi Sassu

Renato Guttuso

Franz Borghese

Mariano Chelo

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