Juan Jesus Garcia Lopez

Juan Jesus is a Guatemalan Artist dedicated to the creation of sculptures, mainly Maya masks, made of stone, enriched by Jada, amethyst, amazonite and mother of pearl.
He makes them in three dimensions, small, medium and big and all refer to the figures of the Maya, strongly present in Central America.
The Mayans, like other people of Central America, used to characterize sculptures using color, mainly blue and green.
So here is that Juan makes his masks with bright colors, sometimes mixing more colors to refer to objects that were associated to the Sun-God K’inich Ajau.
Juan Jesus was born in Flores 35 years ago. Flores is a small village near the Peten lake in the north of the country. It is only an hour’s drive from Tikal National Park, a very well known archeological site for Mayan settlements.

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