Lucio Fontana: retrospective in New York January 23rd to April 14th 2019

Lucio Fontana: retrospective in New York January 23rd to April 14th 2019

A major retrospective covering the years between 1931 and 1968 : the Italian Artist founder os Spatialism conquers America.

Whenever America pays homage to an Italian Artist, a milestone is added to Italian history. Morandi, Burri, Pistoletto, the Futurists, Melotti, Cattelan, and Lucio Fontana, the founder of Spatialism. To highlight the importance of the extraordinary event, the exhibition poster points out that it is the first museum retrospective in the USA in forty years, scheduled in New York from January 23rd to April 14th 2019.


The American approach goes straight to the key point : in 1958, the Italian-Argentine Artist tore a monochrome canvas . It was the most radical artistic gesture since World War II, in 1915 it was Mavelich’s black square. Fontana went to New York only once, in 1961, for a solo exhibition. In this great retrospective, (with works from 1931 to 1968) visitors find the renowned “cuts” on the canvases after having passed through the various evolutionary stages of Fontana’s artistic path, including that of the initially figurative sculpture.

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