Art Hotel, a tendency now most powerful consolidated.

American writer Herman Melville wrote : “It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation”. And is there anything more original than turning a hotel into a place to stay side by side with unparalleled and unique works of art ? Following the design boutique hotel, the new trend in hotellerie is now the Art Hotel, and it is spreading throughout the world. If you are tavelling to Miami, I recommend you to visit the Faena Hotel Miami Beach. Its opening in 2015 featured stars with the likes of Adrien Brody and Leonardo Di Caprio, a passionate art collector, it is the most popular hotel with international Art Elite, also thanks to the Art Basel Miami Fair, the world’s most glamorous art fair during which the hotel organizes special events, exhibitions and performances, Iocated in the heart of the Faena Arts District, the lovely artistic and cultural district itself. If you are in Europe and precisely in Switzerland, situated in Zurich and immersed in an evocative Iandscape overlooking the mountains and the lake, lies The Dolden Grand Hotel. Over 100 afterworks are set inside and outside the structure, including Andy Warhol’s monumental painting that, with its 11 meters, stands out over the reception, or the sculptures by Fernando Botero. In Italy if you are visiting Milan, a stone’s throw from the Central Station, the NYX Hotel Milan is perfect for the Street Art enthusiasts. The walls of the Hotel are “covered” with grafitti, some of which are huge ones. Each floor is dedicated to an artist who created site-specific works with a great deal of urban pop style.
We have always been used to admire the artworks displayed in museums and art galleries, but sleeping “inside”, I can guarantee you, an artwork is an unparalleled and unforgettable experience.

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